Company milestones

Manmul Works milestones

Founded in 2017, Manmul Works Co., Ltd. has achieved continuous developments.


  • Small and medium-sized venture enterprise Ministry of entrepreneurship related investment
  • Final selection of R&D project for technology development support for regional flagship industry
  • Completed patent registration for “tethered station and other tether drone systems that support the “tether drone”
  • Signed MOU with Neon Tech Co., Ltd. and delivered MGR system
  • Danyang-gun, Chungbuk Province Integrated pest control demonstration and construction
  • Supplied MGR system to underwater drone fields
  • Completed KC certification for drone wired power supply (MGR system)
  • Drone-enabled VR video content production business
  • Registered patent for “Real-time traffic monitoring system using wired drones”


  • Busan Silla University drone charging wired/wireless charging station construction project
  • Tongyeong City Hall Drone Station Construction Project
  • Designated as an educational institution dedicated to practitioners related to drones for the Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Plant
  • Advance into forestry business using drones / Conduct pilot project to control drones against nematode disease (6 local governments)
  • Expansion of agricultural machinery manufacturing and sales / Delivered to Uiryeong-gun Agricultural Technology Center (new agricultural machinery)
  • Drone Show Korea 2019 exhibition
  • Drone wired power supply MGR production completed
  • Selected as the 9th junior academy of small and medium venture ventures
  • Selected as the 5th nest of Korea Credit Guarantee Fund


  • Supply to national Gyeongsang National University, Sacheon city hall Gyeongnam Provincial Office
  • Started drone customizing business
  • Gangwon Provincial Office, Jeju Provincial Office Delivery / Public institution initial delivery
  • Utilize the developed RED-BULL 1 million pyeong Cultural control project
  • Drone direct production certification
  • Venture company certification
  • ISO 9001, 14001 certification
  • Registered utility model for “Power supply for wired vehicles”
  • Developed and launched agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle RED-BULL
  • Selected as a global young start-up company by Small and Medium Venture Promotion Corporation
  • Selected as the 8th small private venture school by the Small and Medium Venture Promotion Corporation


Established Manmul Works Co., Ltd.