Wired core technology

The differentiated wired drone technology of Manmul Works!

Wired power supply

The feature of the wired drone is that it can fly for a long time, with the power supply and wires installed on the ground providing a stable and reliable flight.

  • It boasts a flight at a maximum takeoff altitude of 150M.
  • 24/7days duration of flight.

Automatic tensioning device

It is the most important equipment installed on the ground. It automatically adjusts the cable tension between the drone and the ground module. This provides a more cheerful flight.

  • Provides flight free from obstacles around the airspace.
  • It provides stable flight ability to the aircraft in bad windy conditions.

Emergency fall prevention system

All our equipment’s are wired therefore if the power cord breaks or the generator stops working, the aircraft will crash. The emergency fall prevention system can help free in an emergency shutdown situation.

  • Stable landing is possible with the charged battery in an emergency.
  • It can reduce human injury in an emergency.

Special reinforced cable

The key to the power supply is the wire. It has little internal resistance while being thin and allows a lot of power. It also provides a stable flight due to the increased durability

  • Durability is improved by using materials with excellent wear resistance.
  • Prevents short circuits caused by frequent use.

Application fields