National Radio Research Agency Certified Model

Agricultural Technology Commercialization Foundation conformity certified model

Main function

  • Automatic pattern flight available
  • Automatic return function
  • Auto landing function in case of emergency
  • 1 hectare of spray area each time
  • Minimum spray area of 20 hectares per day
  • Removable bottle
  • Flight time 15 minutes (when spraying 10Lof pesticides)
  • Horizontal pattern control and vertical pattern control (optional)

Product information


Aircraft type: HEXA (6 propellers)

Weight: 14.8kg (including battery)

Loading weight: 10kg (based on 10L loading of pesticides)

Maximum take-off weight: 24.9kg

1 flight time: 12~15 minutes (based on 10L of pesticides)

Recommended working speed: 20km/h

Max Flight Speed: 43km/h

Spraying device

Capacity: 10L

Spraying area: 1ha (about 3,000~4,000 pyeong)

Each work time: 10 minutes

(20km/h speed, 4m width continuous work)

Nozzle: 2 (4 when adding vertical control option)

Effective spray width: about 4m (based on 2-4m above the crop)

Main device

Battery: Lipo 16,000mAh 6S1P x 2 (4.2kg)

Motor: BLDC 180kv x 6 mounted

Propeller: 23 inch x 6


Size (WxDxH):

1,340×1,340×600 (at work)

/ 840x840x600 (when stored)

Diagonal shaft distance: 1,340mm

Auxiliary components

Battery charger: 40-50 minutes

(Based on 95% charge of battery capacity)

Remote controller: FUTABA T14SG (Japan)


Aircraft, remote controller, pesticide container x 2, charger, battery x 6